Thursday, June 1, 2017

Going back to Africa, Nelson Mandela of the rap industry...

Ghana Apologizes to Slave Descendants

   Not sure if I'm in the mood to write about all the politically incorrect things about black people going back to Africa, and having dual citizenship with America. Not sure if being politically incorrect even exists anymore. We are living in a world where discretion and privacy no longer exist and ideology of self is questioned and hammered into tiny bits of contradiction until we settle on 'FUCK THIS SHIT, GOD GOT ME.'
    Basically, the "Right of Abode" is a program in Ghana that's been running since 2006 that lets descendants of the slave trade to come back home and let bygones be bygones. Check out the excerpt below about the tours given for Americans considering moving and living in Ghana:

Project Joseph expands the tour from the dungeons and “doors of no return” from which slaves were packed on ships. Tourists will also visit Ghana’s northern region, where prospective slaves were captured, and the central region, where they were traded at huge outdoor markets.

The project’s name is taken from the Old Testament story of Joseph, an Israelite who was sold into Egyptian slavery by his jealous brothers.

“Joseph was sold by his own brethren … but eventually he prospered in the land of his own affliction,” explains tourism official Hagan.

“He became prime minister in the pharaoh’s government. He became very powerful and he went back and helped his own brethren who had cast him away.

“So, we’re saying no matter what happened, the people should feel comfortable to come back to Africa and even help Africa to develop because they are better off than us.”

What are your thoughts on this?
Would you go back and visit the very grounds our ancestors walked?
Who would you take with you? 




     The genius behind Stepbrothers Three and the song Good Cop/Bad Cop isn't just the idea of two hip hop emcees writing about the popular trend in false civilian killings, but the creativity behind making the song.
      If you love lyrics like me then this song would definitely move you but I'm getting ahead of myself. If you listen to the instrumental behind the lyrics you will find a classic hit to write to. I first heard it back on The Documentary by The Game. I won't get too specific but I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and all three artist blessed that beat with fulfilling content.
       It's been a while since I've felt moved and inspired to write and Starlito has always been my favorite top five artist alive. When I heard Don Trip's Human Torch just on a whim skimming through Datpiff, I thought "OK he's nice." I liked his style and gritty delivery on Money Machine and relaxed flow on Cheers however when I listened to "iHeart Strippers" I thought OK! He got it! Go ahead and dedicate a tape for the ladies in that late night mood. That's when I became a fan of his music but more importantly the way he put words together.
   Making a hit song is a battle in itself because one has to have credibility and a fan base for any of us to say "yea that album go hard." Delivery, charisma and the precise way a metaphor is created and placed together, among other essential factors,on a beat is what's more important - to me anyway. As a poet and lover of lyrics it is imperative that the creation of a song wasn't just slapped together; especially when the song is suppose to evoke feeling. There are times when an artist just needs to be as blunt as possible and I love those tracks but I always anticipate deep rooted, make you think songs throughout and album or mixtape.
   While still following Mr. Free At Last, "kiss my ass" via twitter, StepBrothers was the hot new tape to look out for. Of course I was going to listen. I remember the countdown drop Lito announced during the movie premier of Stepbrothers on FX. Fans were excited and couldn't wait for the free download. Finally he released the tape 12:01 and it was number on twitter trend board!
    I knew Don Trip was featured on the tape but I didn't know how dope it was going to be. Stepbrothers 3rd Song and Life took hold of my soul and I was then a fan of the duo. I was more surprised by Trip's versatility on those songs in particular because I was still new to him. My favorite line that did it was, "pressure bust pipes once the limit exceeds and I'm in it so deep its getting difficult to breathe. I'm a man with much pride and I'm stubborn as can be and I will take it the head before I ever take a knee!" #Truth I was up on my feet like HELL YEA! WHERE MY KING AT SO I CAN KISS HIM ON THE FOREHEAD AND TELL HIM ITS GONNA BE OK!
    Good Cop/Bad Cop. What can I say about this song that isn't self explanatory? The reason I wrote this blog was to extend my gratitude to Starlito and Don Trip for their mastery of the song. But it isn't just a song. It is truth outlined in our society that has highlighted the media more often than ever since 2012. I am at liberty of speaking on this subject however I will not derail this blog post into a political rant (even though this shit ain't new!). I believe SBIII speaks about things in a more conscious way than the former tapes. This song is just one of the songs that inspired the artist in me to keep writing about the devastating trues in this world even when it is unfavorable, which is the best way to make music; telling the god honest truth. Uncut and straight to the point.

Thank you gentlemen for always being your true selves and presenting that on the mic for us all to appreciate.
As long as there are artist that love the true craft of making meaningful music there will always be a rotational growth of new artist to come that were led by example.

ParaLectra Divine

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Closer to Home

 With all the crime going on lately, it's a relief to have some black positivity back in the Mid-North Neighborhood. Organizations like Kephrew Institute, The Children's Museum, Mid-North Quality of Life, and the Ten Point Coalition all work hard to bring resources to neighborhoods that broaden cross-community collaboration.
I miss those Wednesday nights at 38th and Central. I remember the cars filling the parking lot for Spoken Soul Food Sundays and wanting to enter but didn't have time to stop.

We are the new generation passing on what our elders demanded to be understood. Your knowledge becomes wisdom once you begin walking in its essence.

I pray this new location will be blessed and recognized as a rise of artistry and entrepreneurship among people who are aware of the unfavorable statistics but dare to grind against it. #GoHard !!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea

Between April 9-26 the Phoenix Theatre will be featuring a new play 
about a "present-day hero’s quest exploring the lengths and depths
 we must go to redeem history’s wrongs." 
list of events taking place the week of its debut!
Buy your tickets here: vendini 
Tickets are selling fast! 

Jazzy Spoken Word Event !


Back by popular demand we have Mr. Go Hard Himself Brimestone 
bringing Detroit open mic flavor to the 317!!!
Located at 5299 east 38th St
Every Wednesday!
$5 after 9pm
Come out and sign the list!!